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Publicado el 09-18-2007

Cuba's Huge Foreign Debt

Just three and a half months away from the forty-nine anniversary of the
totalitarian Marxist-Leninist tyranny of Fidel Castro in Cuba, the
consequences of that regime certainly indicate that the country is mired
in a political, civic, moral, and economic tragedy. With respect to the
brutal violations of human rights, with the bloodshed of the executions
which were hundreds at the beginning and still happening later, it is
not necessary to go into a detailed analysis. Anyone who was young at
the beginning of the tragedy remembers how the Cuban nation suffered
with the cruelty of the executions and the imprisonments of several
thousands of Cuban throughout the years. To all this must be added the
outrage of the plundering of private property which contributed to
consolidate the tyranny.

In the economic field it has been proven, again, that the communist
system can only bring misery and equality in misery. Of course, there is
no equality with respect to those in power. The ruling hierarchy has all
the resources of the state and treats them as if they were their private
property. The mentioned equality in misery is a painful reality that the
Cuban people have been suffering for almost forty-nine years of tyranny.

The Cuban tyranny has been able to survive because of the inexplicable
and outrageous financial help that it has received from different
countries around the world, not only from the Soviet Union. Moreover, it
should be clarified that if the system had been even minimally good,
with that huge help the Cuban nation should be prosperous.

It is a known fact that at least three generations of Cubans have been
formed or deformed as victims of this opprobrious system. Millions of
Cubans, therefore, might find it difficult to learn about what Cuba was
before communism and also to know how life is in other countries of the
world that are not oppressed by Marxism-Leninism. This is true even
though in different ways information reaches the island that allows many
Cubans to know that there is a world outside their country where many
countries, even with some limitations, enjoy a prosperity that is way
beyond what the reality is in Cuba.

Cuba's foreign debt is huge. It is as huge as it is inexplicable that so
many countries extended loans and credits to the island that would never
get paid. These loans constitute complicity with the tyranny.

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