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US National Telecom (USNT) Negotiates $550,000 Voice Traffic Capacity to

2008-03-27 09:13 ET – News Release

DENVER, CO — (MARKET WIRE) — 03/27/08

US National Telecom (PINKSHEETS: USNT), through its wholesale
subsidiary, has taken steps to benefit from the regime change in Cuba
and yesterday began interop testing of a voice traffic route to Cuba.
The demand for voice traffic capacity to Cuba is at an all-time high,
especially from prepaid phone card companies in Florida and New York.
Millions of minutes of voice traffic are anticipated for these new
routes, with the potential to bring in upwards of $550,000 in additional
annual revenue. Due to the trade embargo with Cuba, the subsidiary will
legally operate like all other USA telcos by sending traffic to licensed
non-USA telecom carriers which in turn have direct connections to Cuba.

USNT President G. Giagnocavo said, "Because of our experience in other
Latin American countries, I am confident that the ability to handle
voice traffic to Cuba will give us a decided advantage over many other
telecom companies."

While execution and cost projections have proven the venture will be
profitable, the project is now currently pending corporate counsel's
review of current trade laws regarding the embargo in place with Cuba.

USNT is a growing family of New Generation tech companies using
Internet-enabled voice technology, called VoIP. VoIP technology allows
the Company's network to receive an incoming call and direct it to a
local USA Internet/telco POP (point of presence) where the call is then
transported over the Internet to its intended recipient.

The current share structure of USNT is 460,083,750 shares outstanding
with 240,763,800 Restricted and 2,000,000 Preferred shares.

About US National Telecom (USNT)

US National Telecom (PINKSHEETS: USNT) is a publicly traded technology
company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The Company is working to
create a large VoIP company by expanding its international voice traffic
and seeks to acquire companies in the VoIP marketspace.

Safe Harbor Statement: This release includes forward-looking statements,
made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the PSLA of 1995, that
involve major risks and uncertainties based on what may be faulty
assumptions or inaccurate statements. Financial information is based on
revenue and deposits for services, is unaudited and subject to
restatement. The Company is not obligated to revise or update any
forward-looking statements in order to reflect events or circumstances
that may arise after the date of this release.

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