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Suspected Food Poisoning at the Hotel Playa Pesquero in Cuba
WEBWIRE – Thursday, April 03, 2008

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Deborah Ascott-Jones
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Pannone LLP
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A travel law solicitor at Pannone LLP reports that his firm has received
a number of complaints from British tourists who stayed at the Hotel
Playa Pesquero in the resort of Rafael Freyre, Cuba.

Andrew Morton, who is an expert in travel litigation law said, "The
complaints centre on poor standards of hygiene at the hotel, especially
in relation to food preparation. There have been cases of suspected food
poisoning and people suffering from stomach cramps, sickness and diarrhoea."

Morton added, "There have been poor reports about this hotel in previous
years and now we are beginning to see the same thing happen again. My
advice to people returning to the UK with complaints, who have not had
their complaints properly dealt with by their tour operator, is to seek
legal advice as soon as possible to see if they have justification to
bring a case for compensation.

Fortunately for holidaymakers seeking compensation, they have the
benefit of powerful consumer legislation in the Package Travel
Regulations 1992. These regulations entitle them to bring a claim for
compensation against the tour operator in the UK, under UK law."

Andrew Morton is a travel litigation solicitor and a partner at Pannone
LLP in Manchester, UK. He is a member of the Law Society Personal Injury
Panel, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Travel and
Tourism Lawyers Association.

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