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Cuba: Citrus harvest underway

The processing of grapefruit began at the industrial enterprise of
Ceballos town in Ciego de Ávila province.

Domingo Escalante Pérez, deputy director of the industrial unit, said
fruits come from Cienfuegos, Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila, while the
workers of the Avilanian factory do their best to obtain a high-quality
product and make rational use of the electric power.

State citrus growers, the Cooperative sector, as well as Peasants, share
the same purpose, not to waste a single grapefruit, since the exquisite
juice of this fruit is in great demand in Europe.

Escalante Pérez pointed out that the second stage of the season will
start in January with the storing of orange for the industry, the local
markets and the tourist sector.

The husks of those fruits are intended for cattle raising, especially
for dairy cows, which helps to counteract the damages of the dry season,
as stated by Rolando Rodríguez, the head of cattle raising.

The Avilanian industry also mills guava, papaya, mango, banana and
pineapple. It is the only unit in Cuba that produces precooked French
fries both for exports and the local markets.

The industry is also ready to face the next the tomato season. The
production of tomato paste and sauce helps to substitute imports.

During the first semester of this year they processed over 9 000 tons of
that vegetable. Some 20 000 tons of that vegetable should be gathered in
Ciego de Ávila next season, most of which is intended for the preserve
industry, as asserted by Rolando Macías, deputy delegate of the Ministry
of Agriculture.


Publication date: 12/4/2009
Cuba: Citrus harvest underway (4 December 2009)

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