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A new development of Vietnam-Cuba financial cooperation program
(22/01/2010 10:58)

Standing Deputy Finance Minister Nguyen Cong Nghiep signed cooperation
Implementing cooperation agreements between the Ministry of Finance of
the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Ministry of Finance and Price
of the Republic of Cuba, from January 16th, 2010 to January 20th, 2010,
the delegation of Ministry of Finance of Vietnam led by the Standing
Deputy Minister Nguyen Cong Nghiep paid a working visit to the Ministry
of Finance of Cuba. The participants included the representatives from
the State Budget, Department of Industrial Administration, Ministerial
Office, Legal Department, Department of International Cooperation.

The Cuban Minister of Finance, Deputy Minister and the Directors of
units under the Ministry of Finance of Cuba including the State Budget
Department, Treasury Department, Policy Department, The Budgetary
Appraisal Department, Budget Appraisal Department, Program and Budget
Evaluation Department, Price Policy Department, Department of
International Cooperation participated in the meeting.

In the spirit of friendly cooperation, the Ministry of Finance of
Vietnam delegation discussed with the Ministry of Finance of Cuba about
budgetary and fiscal policy that Vietnam has implemented so as to
maintain marcroeconomic stability, sustainable economic growth, ensure
social security in the context of world-wide economic crisis in 2009 and
some financial and budgetary orientations in 2010.

The Ministry of Finance of Cuba appreciated the timely and effective
implementation of financial and budgetary solutions of the Government of
Vietnam that minimize negative impacts of the world-wide financial and
economic crisis in 2009. At the same time, the Cuban side discussed
about the overview of the state financial management, presented some
challenges that Cuba has been facing and expects to learn about the
Vietnamese experience in external financial and budgetary management
policy, exchange rate management policy and believes that the experience
in state financial management Vietnam will help Cuba determine the
appropriate direction in the process of economic transformation.

Under the program framework also, the leaders of both ministries has
seriously evaluated the implementation of cooperative activities of the
both sides in 2009 and agreed to set out various measures so as to
promote cooperation activities of the two ministries in 2010.In the
spirit of positive cooperation, the both sides agreed to sign a
cooperation program between the Ministries of Finance of Vietnam and
Cuba in 2010, of which exchanging experience in state financial
management and plan to set up Vietnamese financial consultant group to
provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Finance of Cuba.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the cooperation program of the two
ministries, the Finance Minister of Cuba expressed his sincere thanks
for the precious assistance that the Finance Ministry of Vietnam has
provided to the Finance Ministry of Cuba and said that the working
program of the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam delegation this time has
created a breakthrough in financial cooperation among the two countries
and it is also an important factor contributing to build up inherent
solidarity among the two countries. /.

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