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Friday, 22nd January 2010
MoH gets $1m to facilitate Cuban medical volunteers

The South African government has donated$ 1 million towards the
facilitation of Cuban volunteer specialist doctors working in the country.

South African Ambassador Gladstone Dumisani Gwadiso handed over the
cheque to Health Minister Dr. Richard Sezibera in the presence of the
Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Eugene Munyakayanza.

The money is meant to facilitate the work of 31 Cuban medical volunteers
who have been in the country for a year.

Dr. Sezibera thanked the South African and Cuban governments for what he
termed as a "unique cooperation" arrangement to assist Rwanda.

"I think it is a unique cooperation agreement, a unique example of the
south to south cooperation which shows that a lot can be done if
countries put their energies together," the minister said.

"We are very happy for the work being done by the Cuban medical brigade
in availing to our people special medical care. They serve beyond their
call of duty".

"There is a need to have a bond that should never be broken, and I
believe no country can enjoy democracy without the presence of basic
needs, and this is one of them," the South African envoy stressed.

Speaking to The New Times thereafter, Dr. Maria Amalia Pato, the head of
the Cuban doctors, underscored that she was grateful for the "tripartite
cooperation between South Africa, Rwanda and Cuba."

She noted that for the five years her country's doctors have been coming
to help out in Rwanda, the cooperation has matured from a mere project
to concrete reality.

"We thank the Ministry of Health for giving us the opportunity to work
with them – and we thank the South African Embassy for providing
logistical support," she added.

According to Dr. Pato, her colleagues have treated approximately 461,000
patients today.

David Lazaro, a Cuban oncologist based at King Faisal Hospital says he
has travelled all over the country, treating cancer patients.

The New Times – Rwandas First Daily :: Issue 14148 :: MoH gets $1m to
facilitate Cuban medical volunteers (22 January 2010)

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