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Cuba's sugar harvest threatened by rain, organizational problems
14:42, March 11, 2010

Organizational problems and rain could jeopardize Cuba's sugar harvest
this year, the official daily Granma said on Wednesday.

Operational breakdowns of sugar mills and a lack of sugarcane due to the
heavy rainfall have become "powerful enemies" of Cuba's sugar harvest,
Granma said, citing an article written by agricultural expert Juan Varela.

By the end of February, the sugar mills across Cuba were operating at
only 64 percent of their potentials, well below the expectations of 80
percent, the Ministry of Sugar (MINAZ) said.

It meant a delay of some 147,900 tons of sugar compared with what had
been planned, said the ministry.

The authorities had earlier estimated that Cuba's sugar harvest this
year could be "modest," and the country was expected to produce around
1.5 million tons of sugar.


Cuba's sugar harvest threatened by rain, organizational problems –
People's Daily Online (12 March 2010)

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