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Despite reforms, food production struggle in Cuba's capital, worsening
4:54 p.m. EST, March 3, 2010

HAVANA (AP) — Production of fruits and vegetables in Cuba's capital and
surrounding farmlands is 40 percent lower than expected so far this
year, as the island's agricultural sector continues to founder despite a
series of reforms.

The Communist Party newspaper Granma said Havana province, which
includes the city of the same name, fell short of its targets through
the end of February largely because of government ineptitude.

It reported that authorities failed to provide farmers with seeds in a
timely manner and said fertilizer and other nutrients to bolster crops
were also slow in coming.

The result was less food for sale at heavily subsidized state farmer's

"The frequently semi-empty stalls at the markets are signs of these
failures and the difference between what is produced in the countryside
and what is sold," the newspaper said.

Shortages of all kinds of basics, from lettuce to potatoes to peanuts,
are common in Cuba, though some items have lately been even more
difficult to find than usual.

President Raul Castro has made improving food production and slashing
expensive imports a top priority since taking power from his brother
Fidel — first temporarily, then permanently — in 2006.

The government shifted much of the control of government-run farms from
Agricultural Ministry officials in Havana to local farming boards in
hopes of boosting productivity. It also put far more idle state land
into the hands of private farmers.

Still, the government continues to provide seeds, fertilizer, gasoline
and other supplies to farms and buys up nearly all of what they produce.
Problems at any point in the supply chain can cause lengthy delays and
hurt production.

Despite reforms, food production struggle in Cuba's capital, worsening
shortages – South Florida (4 March 2010),0,5879216.story?track=rss

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