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Publicado el 08-02-2010

Cuba: There Will be No Private Property

A market economy, which rests on the solid foundations of the right to
private property, will be inexistent in Cuba whose economy is
subordinated, as it has been for more than fifty-one years, to the
communist model –also called socialist– that depends on the
authoritarian whims of brothers Fidel and Raúl Castro. This has been
confirmed, over and over again, by top spokesmen of the regime, most
recently by Raúl Castro himself during statements around the anniversary
of July 26th.

Tourism is the only thing that contributes to help the wrecked Cuban
economy. This is a tourism that exploits the political situation of the
country and that thrives from the tyranny that prevails in the economic
and social fields. The regime decides at will the way in which the
sources of tourism must be managed for the benefit of the dictatorship
with the complicity of foreign investors, especially European hoteliers.
The operation of those hotels only benefits their owners and the Cuban
state, because the labor, that is, those who work in the industry,
receive limited salaries, although perhaps better than those that are
paid for other activities in the country. The Cuban government pays the
employees of those hotels, in agreement with their foreign owners.

Because of its tourist attractions, Cuba receives millions of visitors
from all over the world who go there to benefit from the exploitation of
the natural beauty of the island and the arbitrary advantages that the
tyranny offers those tourists who enjoy there what are the sacrifices
that the Cuban people have been suffering for more than fifty-one years.

In his last speech before the full National Assembly of Cuba, the
so-called President of the "Republic", Raúl Castro, ratified that the
economic model of the tyranny will continue with slight changes that
could be considered "cosmetic", but that fundamentally continue to
characterize a communist totalitarian regime. Moreover, the government's
Minister of Economy, Mariano Murillo, declared that "The economic
categories of socialism, not of the market, will prevail. Centralized
planning will continue, some things will be made lighter. We are not
going to hand over property."

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