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Sep 14, 2010
Cuba expects some fired state workers to raise rabbits, make bricks
09:58 AM
By Franklin Reyes, AP

Cuba's communist leaders expect that many of the 500,000 state workers
it plans to lay off will move into such jobs as raising rabbits,
painting buildings or making bricks, but concede that many will fail for
lack of skill or initiative, the Associated Press reports.

AP writers Andrea Rodriguez and Paul Haven report today that they have
obtained an internal Communist Party document that includes a timetable
for layoffs and spells out the kind of jobs that the government sees
workers moving into.

The 26-page documents calls for cutting 500,000 state workers by March
2011, with workers at the ministries of sugar, public health, tourism
and agriculture going first and those in civil aviation, and the
ministries of foreign relations and social services, going last.

The first to be chopped, the AP says, are those state workers with low
productivity, those who lack discipline and those not interested in work.

Many of the newly unemployed will be urged to form private cooperatives
or join foreign-run companies and joint ventures.

Some will encouraged to set up their own small business — particularly
in the areas of transport and house rental — or to raise animals, grow
vegetables, drive taxis and repair automobiles.

The document, the AP says, warns that many of these fledgling
businesses will face major problems because of lack of sufficient
experience, skills or initiative among the newly laid-off workers.

"Many of them could fail within a year," the document says.

(Posted by Doug Stanglin)

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