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Wind energy in Cuba – next launch of Gibara II wind farm
07 de septiembre de 2010

The fourth Cuban wind farm and second located in the municipality of
Gibara, north of Holguín province, with Goldwind's wind turbines,
entered a phase of adjustments to its implementation.

Wind energy in Cuba – next launch of Gibara II wind farm
Jose Piferrer, director of the Basic Unit Economic Wind Generation, said
the new wind power plant will bring to full capacity the National
Electrical up to 4.5 megawatt wind turbines and about 10 GWh per year.

The wind farm, called Gibara two, is located in Punta Rosa, four
kilometers from the city of Gibara, and consists of six wind turbines
with a capacity of 750 kilowatts each.

He said that the blades of 25 meters in length, culminating in flapper
that allow them to turn from four air velocity meter or stop when the
wind exceeds 25 meters per second.

On this last point, said the most out of the wind turbines Goldwind
Chinese technology direct drive is achieved with sustained winds of 11
meters per second.

The investment was initiated in 2009, said the architect Pedro Dorta,
head of the work and had as main executors brigades of the construction
company 19 Ministry of Construction in Holguin.

He added that various tasks involved in other bodies of the ministries
of construction and basic industry, with only 80 builders to work at
peak times.

In the wind power project, he added, need to increase the level of the
platforms for anchoring the towers, about 80 tons total weight, to avoid
being hit by sea penetrations, as happened with Hurricane Ike on the
wind farm Gibara I.

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