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UASS wants authorisation for US to Cuba ferry services
Monday, 28 March 2011 06:43

United Americas Shipping Services (UASS) has called for the US
Government to permit ferry service to Cuba to compete freely with air
carriers in transporting US travellers to Cuba. At present no ferry
service is authorised to Cuba, even though US law permits it.

"The recent announcement that eight new US airports – in addition to
Miami – have been authorised to provide air service to Cuba highlights
the preferential treatment given air over ocean passenger service," said
UASS Chairman Daniel Berrebi. "There is a need and a desire for a ferry
service to Cuba and it is fundamental to this country's values that
people be allowed that choice and that the government does not favour
one element of the transportation industry over another."

Nearly a year ago, UASS filed for a Treasury Department license to
operate a ferry service from South Florida to Havana, but no decision
has been made on the application.

Current rules authorise the use of both "vessels" and aircraft to
provide carrier services to Cuba.

"All that is required for it to happen is a policy decision by the Obama
administration in favour of ferry service," said Robert Muse, a
Washington, DC lawyer who specialises in US laws relating to Cuba.

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