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Corruption case involves airline, travel agency

In a sequel to the corruption case against Chilean businessman Max
Marambio, a provincial court in Havana sentenced a brother and 15
employees of Cubana de Aviación and a Marambio-controlled travel agency
to three to 10 years of prison.

The Cuban employees accepted cash bribes and personal goods and
participated in falsification of documents to the detriment of the Cuban
state, according to a note in official newspaper Granma quoting the
sentencing document.

Even though the court proceedings against the Marambio brothers and
their Cuban associates have become a showcase of anti-corruption efforts
under Raúl Castro, official media have provided no detail about the
nature of the allegations. The involvement of airline officials and the
Marambios' Sol y Son travel agency in the corruption case had been
rumored since Rogelio Acevedo, the long-time head of the Civil
Aeronautics Institute was forced to resign at the beginning of the
investigation. The general and veteran of the revolution was not among
the people sentenced by the provincial court.

Marcel Marambio, who managed the Sol y Son Viajes travel agency, was
sentenced in absence to 15 years of prison for fraud and bribery.

Max Marambio and a former food industry minister Alejandro Roca Iglesias
received 20-year and 15-year sentences, respectively, in early May. In
both cases, the court followed the guidance of prosecutors. Max, a
politically connected player in Cuba, built the Río Zaza joint venture
in the 1990s into a conglomerate with more than $100 million in annual

Max Marambio, who argues he is a victim of political persecution, has
said from Chile that the accusations were triggered by generous benefits
he paid to company employees.

Marambio said in May that Cuba had not asked Chile for extradition of
the brothers.

The convictions and sentences can be appealed before the Superior Court
within 10 days.

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