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Cuba welcomes help in oil and gas industries
By Sue-Ann Wayow South Bureau
Story Created: Jul 15, 2011 at 12:53 AM ECT

Cuba is welcoming any company willing to assist with the country's oil
and gas industry.

Guillermo Hernandez Perez, exploration director of Cuba Petroleo
(CUPET), Cuba's state-owned oil company said even the United States,
with whom Cuba does not have the best of relations, was welcome.

He was speaking with reporters on Wednesday after an Energy Chamber
Luncheon themed "Business Opportunties in Cuba's Oil and Gas Industry".

It was held at Cara Suites in Claxton Bay.

Hernandez Perez said, "Why don't the Americans come to Cuba? Why are
they are not coming, I don't know maybe it's the government of the USA
just does not allow them to come."

He said no one has yet indicated an interest in Cuba.

"They cannot even talk to us but it is open for all companies."

Hernandez Perez is visiting the country for four days. He plans to meet
with the Minister of Energy Kevin Ramnarine, Minister of Foreign Affiars
Dr Surujrattan Rambachan and Trade and Industry Minister Stephen Cadiz.

He leaves Trinidad today.

Hernandez Perez said Cuba produces 50 per cent of its own oil with
50,000 barrels being produced per day.

Hernandez Perez said many companies have invested in Cuba and were

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