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Ya'lla Tours Advises American Travelers to Remain Cautious When Making
Cuba Travel Plans

SOURCE Ya'lla Tours USA

Only Licensed Companies are Authorized to Collect Funds

PORTLAND, Ore., July 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Some tour operators have
been soliciting travelers in the United States and have suggested that
they are licensed to provide travel services to Cuba. Although there has
been some easing of restrictions, there are still strict U.S. government
rules in place. Not every tour operator is legally allowed to provide
travel services to U.S. persons, who are licensed to travel to Cuba.

"While there may come a day when there is unrestricted and free travel
to Cuba, that day is not now. Nor does it seem like it will be anytime
in the near future," said Ronen Paldi, President of Ya'lla Tours USA.
"Travel agencies and travelers need to be very careful if they are
making plans for travel to Cuba. Some operators out there seem to be
coming close to violating strict regulations, and travelers will end up
paying the price."

Ya'lla Tours USA has been a licensed Travel Service Provider (TSP)
providing legal travel services to Cuba since 2002.

They key points regarding Americans traveling to Cuba are:

The U.S. Department of Treasury has a list of licensed TSPs to
Cuba. A licensed TSP is legally allowed to provide travel services to
licensed travelers, and to collect money from these travelers for the
travel arrangements.
Only those travel agencies and tour operators listed as TSPs are
legally allowed to provide these services.
Any unlicensed travel agent or tour operator that promotes Cuba
travel services, makes travel arrangements, or collects funds for travel
to Cuba from Americans is in violation of Federal law and is subject to
civil and/or criminal penalties.
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