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Wednesday, August 24th 2011 – 07:26 UTC

Impatient Raul Castro calls on Cubans "to clear our heads of ideological

Cuban President Raul Castro is increasingly impatient with the slow
implementation of his economic reforms, which he publicly blames mostly
on bureaucratic sloth and resistance to change.

The three Inca basic principles: do not lie, do no steal and do not be
lazy, according to the Cuban president The three Inca basic principles:
do not lie, do no steal and do not be lazy, according to the Cuban president

In public statements, he has accused government cadres of laziness,
corruption, neglect and ideological rigidity and has repeatedly urged
them to reject old revolutionary dogma and embrace new ways of thinking.

"Let us clean our heads of foolishness of all kinds. Don't forget that
the first decade of the 21st century has already passed, and it's time"
he sternly told the National Assembly on August 1.

His more than 300 reforms, some already in place, but most still
pending, will liberalize Cuba's struggling, Soviet-style economy by
emphasizing greater private initiative, reducing subsidies,
decentralizing government and slashing a million people from government

The goal is to assure the future of Cuban communism after he and his
elderly leadership team are gone.

While he has counselled patience in implementing the changes, he told
the National Assembly that global economic problems required faster

"The biggest obstacle we confront … is the psychological barrier
formed by inertia, inflexibility, pretence or double standards,
indifference and insensibility," Castro said.

Last December, Castro spoke bluntly to the National Assembly about
dishonesty among the ranks.

"We must struggle to eradicate once and for all lies and deceit from the
cadres' behaviour at all levels," he said.

He cited the three basic principles of the Inca civilization — do not
lie, do not steal and do not be lazy — and said: "Those are correct
principles aren't they? Let us try to bear them in mind."

"I warn that all bureaucratic resistance to strict compliance (with the
reforms) will be useless," he said.

"I have never been in favour of pressuring or of abrupt changes … but
faced with violations of the constitution … there is no alternative
but to resort to prosecutors and the courts, as we have already begun to
do," Castro said.

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