Informacion economica sobre Cuba

Cuba to buy dozens of tractors

Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ) agreed to sell Cuba "close to 100?

Belarus-assembled tractors, Prensa Latina reported.

Details of the purchase were not disclosed. Cuban and Belarus officials,

according to press reports, have negotiated assembly of MTZ tractors on

the island.

MTZ is currently building an assembly plant in Venezuela, with a

capacity of 10,000 tractors per year. Some of the production in

Venezuela will eventually be sold in other Latin American markets, a MTZ

official told Prensa Latina.

Cuba's relationship with the state-owned company dates back to the

Soviet era.

Cuba will buy MTZ's 1523 model, a mid-range product with 150 horsepower

and an air conditioned cabin. MTZ officials told Prensa Latina that the

Cuban purchase will not be affected by EU sanctions. Belarus is subject

to economic sanctions from the European Union.

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