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Cuban raw sugar output up 11.7 percent

May 15, 2012

Business Recorder Logo Cuban raw sugar production rose 11.7 percent, or

an estimated 140,000 tonnes, this year over 2011's 1.2 million tonnes,

with 29 of 46 mills still grinding, the state-run Trabajadores newspaper

said on Monday.

According to the paper, the mills will continue grinding "until rains

and industrial yields permit in an effort to come close to reaching the

plan now at 92 percent."

The industry announced plans to produce around 1.45 million tonnes of

sugar when the harvest began, meaning 1.33 million tonnes have left the

mills to date.

The industry had hoped to end milling by May when the rains and hot

weather usually set in and cane yields drop.

This year's rainy season began early in April, making further milling

difficult and costly.

The Sugar Ministry was closed late last year and replaced by a state-run

holding company.

The industry hopes to reverse a long decline in output from 8 million

tonnes in 1990 to 1.2 million tonnes last year.

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