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Agencia EFEMarch 19, 2013 20:31

Cuba: We are prepared for digital TV test

Havana, Mar 19 (EFE).- Cuba announced Tuesday that it is "prepared" to

perform a digital television test that uses a method developed by

Chinese experts, local media reported.

"Cuba is prepared to successfully perform the test" on Wednesday, said

the director of the island's Telecommunications Research and Development

Institute, or Lacetel, Glauco Guillen, during the first international

digital TV forum being held in Havana.

The official said that Cuba is pushing to transform its analog TV to a

digital system using the Chinese approach "in the service of the needs

of society."

The forum – being held within the framework of the 15th International

Computer and Telecommunications Fair and Convention taking place this

week in Havana – is aimed at pushing for the implementation of China's

DTMB method for digital television and fostering the cooperation of the

Asian nation with Latin America.

Cuba wants to shift over from analog to digital TV in keeping with the

accords signed between Havana and Beijing to foster technological


The deputy director of the industry and technology division of the

Chinese National Commission for Development and Reforms, Wu Hao, said

that "we want to work together to push this application in Cuba and

develop … digital television and industry … to benefit (all) peoples."

He also said that Beijing places great importance on communication with

the region, adding that digital TV is "on the rise" worldwide, and thus

China and its industries are ready to work with Latin America "at all

levels" to contribute to the development of an industry based on the

principle of "openness and innovation."

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