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States owe CZK 22bn to ?R at end-2012, Cuba biggest debtor

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20 March 2013

Prague, March 18 (CTK) – Total claims of the Czech Republic on foreign

states stood at Kc22.07bn at the end of last year, down from Kc22.35bn a

year earlier, with Cuba the largest debtor, said a report of the Finance

Ministry to be submitted to the government for information on Wednesday.

Countries repaid Kc176m worth of debt last year, the report which CTK

has at its disposal said.

Debt from civilian loans totalled around Kc16.1bn. Albania, for

instance, paid Kc20.6m in instalments, Iraq nearly Kc152m and Russia

over Kc3m in interest on overdue instalments.

Falcon Capital paid Kc397,000 in overdue interest in connection with

unblocking part of the Russian debt back in 2005.

Debt from special – secret – loans stood at Kc5.98bn, a drop from 2011's

Kc6.1bn. The Czech Republic has provided special loans to Libya and

Cuba. They concerned, for instance, deliveries of military equipment in

the past.

Cuba is the biggest debtor, the report said. Its debt from civilian

loans tops Kc6.6bn.

This year, Cuba has responded to the Czech request for a possible

conversion of the Cuban debt into a convertible currency.

Other big debtors are Iraq, countries of former Yugoslavia, Russia and

Sudan. Sudan has not been repaying its debt of almost Kc2bn.

According to the Finance Ministry, Sudan confirms the amount of debt but

rejects taking any steps until the international community makes a

decision on the way of its bailout.

Claims on selected foreign countries (in Kc thousands):

civilian loans

country amount of debt

Albania 38,574

Belarus 34,116

China 224,403

Iraq 1,290,312

Iran 977,980

former Yugoslavia 2,682,834

North Korea 187,823

Cuba 6,623,574

Russia 155,574

Sudan 2,445,635

Source: annual report of Finance Ministry on foreign countries' debt to

Czech Republic in 2012

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