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Cuba to Lose Oil "Freebie", repeats Capriles

April 1, 2013

HAVANA TIMES (dpa) — Venezuelan presidential candidate Henrique Capriles

said today that if elected on April 14th he would stop "giving away" oil

to Cuba, alleging that this is what the current government does.

"We won't give any more oil to Mr. Castro, it's as simple as that," said

Capriles at a press conference.

Capriles said that after defeating the "candidate of the Castro

brothers" (acting President Nicolas Maduro), he would end the

controversial agreements with Cuba that allow the island to buy

Venezuelan oil on preferential terms.

"That's what I've said, and I repeat, we're going to beat the other

candidate. His mentor (Maduro's), his boss is Raul Castro, and everyday

resources to finance the government of Mr. Castro leave here. We're not

going to continue funding them," said the candidate of the opposition

alliance "Mesa de la Unidad Democratica" (MUD).

Capriles, who lost the presidential elections on October 7 to the late

President Hugo Chavez (55%-44%), said: "Nicolas Maduro is the guarantee

for the Castro brothers. I'm the guarantee for Venezuelans."

The opposition candidate promised that his government would use oil

revenues to increase the minimum wage by 40 percent, create a program of

"Zero Hunger," and encourage the creation of new jobs in the private

sector and increase pensions for retirees.

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