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The Embargo / Yusnaby Perez

Posted on April 14, 2013

Who hasn't heard of the EMBARGO? This issue is like the apple of

discord. Some cling to it to "suffocate" the Cuban government while

others plea, out of charity, for its elimination because of the

shortages suffered by Cubans. My question is: Has anyone asked what what

the Cuban opposition thinks about the United States embargo on Cuba?

Clearly, the EMBARGO has been a total failure, its main objective–to

"eliminate" the Cuban Communist dictatorship–has not been achieved and

in turn, it has served as an ally of the Castros to justify everything

that is wrong, the lack of productivity, the immobility, the

deterioration, and to maintain them in power. Is there no milk? That's

because of the blockade. Is there no rice? Blockade! Are Cubans unable

to access the Internet? The blockade and the blockade only. This embargo

or blockade, is just an excuse for the Castro brothers to not take


Fidel and Raul are not affected at all by this prohibitive law. They

have food, cars, petroleum, satellite dishes, internet, travel, they can

go to the best hotels in Cuba (I refer to them and their families). Who

is affected by the situation? We are, I am, the dissidence, the

opposition blogger, those who want freedom in Cuba, the working mother,

my neighbor on the corner.

The Cuban government has remained in power (and I have to recognize it)

because of the great support it has received from Cubans. What Cuban

will have time to think about DEMOCRACY when he spends 24 hours a day

"resolving" the meal of the day? A hungry man can not think about

freedom. Cubans have also lived more than half a century with continuous

daily brainwashing and psychologically this works. The embargo has only

benefited the government of Cuba to brutalize and close the minds of

ordinary citizens even more.

I'm not saying that the end of the EMBARGO would represent an economic

or political improvement for us, but this action would automatically put

the Cuban government on the defensive, because they would not have a

"threatening enemy" that doesn't allow them to "fulfill" their duties.

We need access to information, we need to stop people wandering around

town like zombies looking for eggs and get them to think a little about


We need a cultural flow with the American people to break those myths

that Cuban society still believes. If Havana were full of crazy

Americans, State Security, and their minion "Yohandry," would have less

time to suppress the Ladies in White. What will happen when my city is

full of gringos with dollars and no one wants to hear about convertible


The Cuban opposition is here, on the streets, living the daily miseries

and suffering as well. We have a great international support from

courageous Cubans who give us their highest loyalty from the outside,

but as the people here do not have access to the INTERNET (or to

information in general), all our work is completely invisible to the

eyes of the vast majority of people, and this my dear readers, is quite

beneficial for the Cuban government.

Why when Clinton was about to negotiate an end to the embargo Cuba did

Castro shoot down the planes of the Brothers to the Rescue? Spy planes

fly over Cuba all the time! Why did it have to be at that moment?

Because they had no interest in the end of the EMBARGO, it benefits them.

I think everyone who supports such a law is indirectly supporting the

Castro brothers, hardening the dictatorship, the prohibitions. They will

be in power as long as Cubans on the island allow it, because for Cubans

on the island the outside world is mysterious, alien, strange, unreal.

After all this time the EMBARGO shows its uselessness and today, far

from encouraging citizens to react, it is making the work of the

opposition in Cuba impossible. Having millions of people totally blind

is counterproductive to any attempt to achieve freedom. I invite the

congressional Republicans in the United States to get in contact with

Cuban dissidents who know the reality and our concerns, because Cuba is

not the same as it was in 1960.

Anyone who wants freedom for Cuba and supports this EMBARGO, is sinking

and disarming those of us here fighting to face off against the


(To be continued ..)

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