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Posted on Monday, 04.08.13


U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor: Lift Cuba embargo, travel restrictions

By Richard Danielson

Tampa Bay Times

TAMPA — Saying "it's time to try something new," U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor

on Monday called for the Obama administration and Congress to lift

travel restrictions and the 51-year-old trade embargo on Cuba.

"Cuba is changing," said Castor, D-Tampa, who left on a fact-finding

trip to Cuba Wednesday evening and returned on Saturday. "They have

embarked on economic reforms that the United States of America should

promote. The United States of America now should normalize relations and

begin a constructive dialogue with the island nation."

Castor said Fidel Castro is no longer in power, described his brother,

President Raul Castro, as "a much more practical ruler," and said there

is a generational change underway in Cuba's government.

"They are still a hard-core communist nation, but they are embarking on

market reforms in their economy that deserve encouragement," said

Castor, who traveled with members of her staff and representatives of

the nonprofit, non-partisan Center for Democracy in the Americas.

As a result of her trip, Castor said she plans to reach out to President

Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry "to open talks to lead to

greater trade and travel opportunities."

"This should not be done with blinders on, however," she said. "There

are still very significant human rights challenges in Cuba. It is still,

to many extents, a repressive regime that does not allow citizens to

enjoy all of the human rights that we all enjoy. But after 50 years of

an embargo and isolation that's proved that it hasn't worked, it's time

to try something new and refresh our relationship."

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