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Cuba reports little progress 5 years into agricultural reform
TUESDAY, 30 JULY 2013 21:42

HAVANA–Agriculture in Cuba remains in crisis and the country is still
dependent on imports five years into Raul Castro’s presidency and
efforts to reform the sector,… Continue reading


El Gobierno sigue gastando 2.000 millones en alimentos, cinco años
después de la ‘tercera reforma agraria’
AGENCIAS | La Habana | 30 Jul 2013 – 10:11 pm.

Los cultivos de café, cítricos, tabaco y caña de azúcar disminuyeron en… Continue reading

Posted on Saturday, 07.27.13

Cuba celebrates 60 years of involution

Cuban President Gen. Raúl Castro celebrated Friday the 60th anniversary
of the guerrilla attack on the Moncada barracks that marked the
beginning of the Cuban revolution,… Continue reading

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