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Daily Archives: July 20, 2013

A&K gets OK for Cuba tours
By Gay Nagle Myers

Abercrombie & Kent USA has joined the growing list of companies offering
people-to-people programs to Cuba with a 10-day itinerary departing
Sept. 6, followed by additional departures throughout 2013 and… Continue reading

Cuba’s economy

Money starts to talk
And eventually, perhaps, in one currency, as the tempo of reform accelerates
Jul 20th 2013 | HAVANA |From the print edition

AT 9.01am one morning earlier this month, Marino Murillo, a member of
Cuba’s… Continue reading

En caída libre Venezuela y sus acólitos
Dr. Darsi Ferret

( Resulta increíble lo que es capaz de hacer
unas simples células malignas. La corriente populista de América Latina,
el parásito castrismo habanero y los chavistas con su socialismo… Continue reading

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