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Cuba plans to launch new flight route to American city
Xinhua | 2013-7-4 8:54:49
By Agencies

A new air route to connect Cienfuegos, a southern Cuban city, with Miami
in the US state of Florida, via Grand Cayman will be launched later this
year, a local official said Wednesday.

The move is intended to promote tourism, said Boris Suarez, the director
of the Jaime Gonzalez International Airport in Cienfuegos, the Cuban
city about 250 kilometers from Havana, the Cuban national capital.

The airport in Cienfuegos has been receiving five direct flights a week
from Miami, home to a large Cuban expatriate population, according to
Suarez. The airport also provides temporary air flight services to the
Canadian cities of Toronto and Montreal from December to March, a high
tourism season.

He said the existing flight route linking Havana with the Grand Cayman
and Miami has been very popular among Cubans traveling to the southern
US state.

There are about two million Cuban immigrants residing in the United States.

Tourism has been a prime source of Cuba’s foreign currency. It generated
2.6 billion US dollars in revenue with 2.838 million visitors last year.

The country is hoping to received 3 million tourists this year.

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