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Fewer Eggs in Cuba’s Ration Book
July 2, 2013

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban government’s decision to halve the number of
eggs to be delivered monthly to the population, through the ration book,
took effect on Monday.

According to a press release over the weekend from the Ministry of
Internal Trade, the five eggs a month each citizen receives at the
subsidized price of 0.15 cents Cuban pesos (CUP), will remain, but the
other five, sold at 0.90 cents, will be deleted.

The new price for eggs beyond the five from the ration book is 1.10
pesos, as was being charged in agricultural markets administered by the

This new policy adds another cut to the already low volume of basic
products that Cubans receive supplies through the dwindling ration book.

In 2012 the production of eggs, one of the most demanded products in the
island, was four per cent below the previous year.

The price increase deals a blow especially to those Cubans who work for
the government and pensioners who do not have relatives abroad sending
them remittances. One Convertible Peso or CUC = 0.87 USD and 1 USD =
20 CUP (regular pesos).

Source: “Fewer Eggs in Cuba’s Ration Book – Havana” –

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