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November 21, 2013

Think of Cuba’s political prisoners before you spend your dollars there
Silvio Canto, Jr.

Cuba desperately wants your dollars, euros, pesos or whatever you want
to spend in the island. It needs tourism very badly.
Today, we learned that Cuba’s political prisons are full and very full:
“There are at least 87 political prisoners currently in Cuba’s prisons,
according to a report by the opposition Cuban Human Rights and National
Reconciliation Commission released on Monday.
“The Cuban government continues to have the highest number of political
prisoners in the entire Western hemisphere,” the commission, headed by
Elizardo Sanchez, said.
Six of the 87 people cited by the commission have been designated by
Amnesty International as Prisoners of Conscience.
Of the 87 people jailed in Cuba for their political views and/or
activities, at least 11 are serving sentences of life behind bars and
“remain in isolation cells under cruel, inhumane and degrading and
totally unprotected conditions,” the commission said.
For years, I’ve reminded people that they are subsidizing a corrupt
dictatorship when they travel or spend money there.
Think about it! Think about the political prisoners.
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