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Numismatic Change? / Reinaldo Escobar
Posted on March 19, 2014

The much discussed Cuban dual monetary system, which has distorted the
economy for more than twenty years, seems to be facing its final days.
Among the few reports that have been released, it appears it will be the
CUP–the Cuban or national peso–that will survive, and the CUC–or Cuban
Convertible Peso– that will cease to circulate.

In addition to the actual value of each of these currencies, they differ
in that the differ in that if the CUP has a photo of a historical
figure, the CUC has a sculpture of the same personage. Also on security
issues, CUC far exceeds its alter ego.

The question we ask ourselves is whether there will be a change in the
real value of money we earn as wages. How many hours will one have to
work–once the money is unified–to buy a pound of spaghetti, a quart of
oil or a beer?

We also wonder if we will continue to earn the same and if the prices of
merchandise will remain the same. For example, if a refrigerator sells
now for 500 CUC, will we have to pay 12,500 CUP for it. To ride the same
distance that we pay 3 CUC for in a hard-currency taxi, now costs 10 CUP
in an almendrone (the shared taxis for Cubans). How will the price be
adjusted when we have a single currency?

The amount of cash that will have to be carried to the store will force
the artisans to make larger purses, unless they print new denominations
with values of 500 and 1,000 CUP. Rumors are already circulating about
the faces we’ll see on the new bills. Juan Almeida and Vilma Espín are
the favored candidates.

Although almost no one in Cuba has enough money, some will save the
abolished chavitos as souvenirs, at least the coins, a good opportunity
for the numismatists.

17 March 2014

Source: Numismatic Change? / Reinaldo Escobar | Translating Cuba –

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