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Something That Goes Beyond the Law / Josue Rojas Marin, Cuban Law
Posted on April 11, 2014

Some landlords from Santa Lucia beach in the Camaguey province find
themselves confused before a measure imposed by officials from
Immigration and Aliens. Since last year, they have made them sign a
document obliging them to be responsible for the cars rented by tourist
staying in their homes, in spite of the fact that they sign a rental
contract with the agency. As is logical, there is nothing in the law
that imposes a responsibility for property that forms no part of the

They also have to keep the home’s door wide open, as we say in good
Cuban, in order not to obstruct a surprise inspection, abrogating to the
inspectors the right to write or cross things out in the rental registry
book, in spite of the fact that it is not they but the Municipal Housing
Department that is responsible for controlling this document, so it is
required that a responsible person not leave the dwelling unattended,
even when there are no guests.

The landlords often suffer unexpected visits by police agents who also
write in the registry books, conduct illegal searches, take the registry
book without any legal process and return it whenever they want.

All that affects the rental activity and consequently their income.

Translated by mlk.
31 March 2014

Source: Something That Goes Beyond the Law / Josue Rojas Marin, Cuban
Law Association | Translating Cuba –

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