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Authorities Seize a Shipment of Seafood Hidden in an Ambulance / 14ymedio
Posted on August 22, 2014

14YMEDIO, Havana, 20 August 2014 – Cuban authorities recently seized a
shipment of 270 pounds of shrimp and 110 pounds of lobster being
transported hidden in an ambulance, the official newspaper Granma
reported in its edition of Tuesday 19 August.

The official organ of the Communist Party refers to unlicensed fishermen
as “internal enemies against whom we must intensify the struggle.” The
author of the text, Ortelio González Martínez, analyzes the situation of
illegal fishing in the province of Ciego de Avila where, he says, “There
are still black holes into which seafood escapes.”

The journalist said that so far 18 contracts have been cancelled “for
repeated breaches of catch plans, boats out of commission for a long
period of time, and sales out of the province,” and he emphasizes the
growing danger posed by the illegal seafood sales networks.

Despite being unavailable in the official markets, seafood is widely
available in the informal trade networks on the Island. Harvesting
shellfish is illegal for most fisherman—with or without a license—and is
the exclusive domain of State or private cooperatives. The State has
sole responsibility for managing seafood, which can be destined for
export, or consumed at tourist resorts on the Island.

Source: Authorities Seize a Shipment of Seafood Hidden in an Ambulance /
14ymedio | Translating Cuba –

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