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Cuba orders lawyers to report “suspicious” operations
Aug 17,2014

HAVANA, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) — A new resolution issued by Cuba’s Ministry
of Justice established that lawyers, notaries and juridical consultants
are obliged to report operations “suspicious” of being related to money
laundering, financing terrorism or weapon trafficking.

According to the resolution, the legality workers are also obliged to
notify any fact or event of similar seriousness that could be known by
them during the exercise of their professional activity.

The measure was adopted because “lawyers, notaries and juridical
consultants can know of possible suspicious operations related to the
introduction in the island of illicit actives, with the purpose of being
used in terrorist activities or whitening capitals,” said the resolution.

If any case of that type would be detected, the professionals of law
should report it to the General Direction of the Financial Operations
Investigation Department of Cuba’s Central Bank.

The Cuban government has launched a fight against corruption, which has
taken several local officials and even foreign entrepreneurs to the


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