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MotoDiscovery Awarded License Renewal for Cuba Travel
by Press Release
October 8, 2014

It is a highly involved but rewarding accomplishment. MotoDiscovery has
again been awarded license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control
(OFAC) and US Treasury Department to legally conduct people to people
educational travel to Cuba.

This will mark the third season with MotoDiscovery being the only USA
based operator to provide educational formatted travel through Cuba by
motorcycle, resuming scheduled two wheeling excursions beginning
December 2014.

MotoDiscovery, a Texas based company that since 1981 has specialized in
facilitating unique motorcycling adventures worldwide, had long dreamed
of adding Cuba to their already extensive list of destinations.

According to founder, Skip Mascorro, getting to Cuba legally for USA
citizens can be a complicated endeavor saying, “the licensing process is
grueling and navigating the bureaucratic pathways that ultimately result
in approval has been a year’s long process.”

Giving credit to well known travel author and MotoDiscovery Cuba
specialist Christopher P. Baker (Mi Moto Fidel, Motorcycling through
Castro’s Cuba), Mascorro recounted how in 1996, he was approached by
Baker to help shed some light on international freighting of his
motorcycle, bent on getting to Cuba to fulfill a desire to ride the
island and write a comprehensive travel guide. This initial encounter
fostered a friendship and a mutual ambition to one day share Cuba with
other motorcycle touring enthusiasts.

Political roadblocks prevented a legal means of offering riding
experiences in Cuba until in 2012, the US government revived and
expanded on a program known as “people to people”, a concept whereby
through meaningful exchange with the Cuban population, the ideals of
democracy and freedom can be seeded with a hope that eventually the
political divide will be bridged.

“We are well aware that anything involving Cuba opens up controversy. It
is a sensitive topic…,” says Mascorro who is quick to explain that the
MotoDiscovery agenda is apolitical.

He strongly supports the idea that being in Cuba is better than not and
that he isn’t going into the embargoed land wearing blinders. He
comments that “Cuba is a relic of sorts, trapped in another time and
very romantic, yet it seems paradoxically at odds with the typical image
of a Communist country.

“Maybe it is the effect of ‘the island’ with all of its music, 1950s
cars and motorcycles and the laid back attitude! Still freedoms as we
know it are doled out sparingly and attempts to sample democracy and
capitalism have been clumsy and ineffective.

“It is indisputable however that while political differences have
lingered for decades, at the ‘people to people’ level there is a
connection that runs deep and one can expect nothing but the warmest and
sincerest of welcomes. The people of Cuba are special”

Participants traveling to Cuba with MotoDiscovery will do so flying
direct from Miami to the island (about 35 minutes in the air) and all
visas, documentation and services are provided in accordance with
regulations mandated by OFAC and the US Government.

Once on the ground a fresh fleet of BMW’s are available and a highly
inclusive itinerary ranging from 9 to 15 days are crafted to permit
participants to truly get to know Cuba and engage people from all walks
of society.

Advance preparations are necessary and group sizes are limited to 12
bikes so early reservations are strongly urged. The prediction that Cuba
is on the brink of change and with a vocal and powerful US political
lobby constantly opposing any hint of normalizing relations with Cuba,
the ability to travel the embargoed country is at risk of again being
denied to US citizens as witnessed from 2004 until 2012. There simply is
no better time than now.

Want to know more? Contact MotoDiscovery or visit the website, email or call (800) 233-0564.

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