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Cuba stresses int’l cooperation on cybersecurity amid easing U.S.
restrictions 2015-02-22 12:06:14

HAVANA, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) — Cuban First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel
has said Cuba will continue to cooperate with other countries on
cybersecurity as Washington is easing technological restrictions against
the island nation, the official daily Granma reported Saturday.

Cubans should bear in mind that the U.S. blockade on Cuba had limited
the access to financing, technologies, infrastructures, software and
applications for decades, Diaz-Canel said at the closure of a three-day
technology conference Friday.

“(U.S. President Barack) Obama’s appreciation on the failure of that
policy and the announcement that they will carry out investments in the
telecommunications sector, for the Cuban people to access them, are a
recognition of that,” said the vice president, the first in the line of
succession behind Cuban leader Raul Castro.

Cuban should advance more in the computerization process as the United
States may change its tactics with similar purposes of destroying the
country’s revolution through “the subversive penetration in the
society,” he said, citing Washington’s espionage plans to governments
and people by using high-tech means in a “perverse way.”

“The right to the Internet is accompanied as well by the duties of
citizens and institutions toward the society, in regard to an
appropriate use, and according to the law,” he said. “It supposes as
well the responsibility of the control agencies, looking after the
defense of the country and its integrity.”

The just-concluded technology conference was aimed at promoting
computerization and cybersecurity in Cuba to boost economic and social
growth, at a time when Washington is easing restrictions on the trade of
computer technology and softwares with the country.

The gathering attracted over 11,000 specialists who hoped to hammer out
new national guidelines as easing import restrictions increase average
Cubans’ access to the Internet.

Source: Cuba stresses int’l cooperation on cybersecurity amid easing
U.S. restrictions – Xinhua | –

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