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Daily Archives: May 4, 2015

Texans visiting Cuba say they see little change in trade
Published: 02 May 2015 11:17 PM
Updated: 03 May 2015 12:13 AM

HAVANA — At a restaurant in Old Havana, Ben Scholz waited anxiously for
his plate of lobster, rice… Continue reading

Illinois ag groups: Cuba is market in waiting
MARK TOMARAS, U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba

BLOOMINGTON — Anticipation of increasing trade with Cuba has grown
dramatically for businesses since President Barack Obama announced his
goal of normalized relations in December.… Continue reading

¿Dónde y cómo trabajan los afrodescendientes?
FIDEL GUILLERMO DUARTE | La Habana | 4 Mayo 2015 – 6:14 am.

La realidad del negro cubano puede tornarse aún más hostil. Para
competir en el nuevo escenario, debe apropiarse de herramientas y… Continue reading

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