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Cuba Celebrates May Day, Officials Call For End to U.S. Embargo

HAVANA, CUBA — Under rain and plenty of umbrellas, residents of Havana
participated in the traditional May Day Parade with thousands of people
shouting “revolutionary” slogans, showing signs supporting the Cuban
revolution and its leaders, and even dancing “conga” or just walking at
Plaza de la Revolucion.

The parade scenes were repeated around the country. The government said
these parades would show the people’s unity in the “construction” of

Ulises Guilarte, the leader of Cuba’s only trade union, said about the
diplomatic process between the U.S. and Cuba that “some steps have been
given” but “there is still a long and difficult way to walk.” Guilarte
asked for an end to the U.S. embargo and for the return of the
Guantanamo Naval Base.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro joined Cuban President Raul Castro
in the May Day event, although officials did not elaborate about the visit.

–Orlando Matos

Source: Cuba Celebrates May Day, Officials Call For End to U.S. Embargo
– NBC –

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