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Google web browsing toolbar debuts in Cuba
AFP | May 7, 2015, 03.35 PM IST

LAS VEGAS: A Google toolbar to streamline tasks — such as searching the
Internet or bookmarking online pages with web browsing programs — made
its debut in Cuba.

The US-based internet colossus updated its Spanish-language blog to put
out word that people in Cuba could download the toolbar, which can be
affixed atop browsers for quick access to Google services or
capabilities when venturing online.

In August of last year, Google made its Chrome web browsing program
available in Cuba so people there could search “faster and safer,”
according to the updated blog post by the Pedro Less Andrade, the
company’s director of public government and political affairs for Latin

The United States authorized commercial ferry services to Cuba for the
first time in more than a half-century on Tuesday, another major step in
improving relations between the two countries.

In what was hailed by ferry operators as “a historical event,” the US
Treasury lifted a decades-old ban and at least four Florida companies
said they had been licensed to launch boat services to the island.

That adds to the charter air services that focus on enabling
Cuban-Americans to visit their families.

The moves come amid a landmark thaw in relations initiated by US
President Barack Obama on December 17, when he broke a nearly six-decade
Cold War-rooted estrangement between the two countries by lifting
sanctions on travel and some trade, as the first step toward normalizing

Source: Google web browsing toolbar debuts in Cuba – The Times of India

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