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US Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Would Re-Impose Sanctions on Cuba
03:14 14.05.2015

Re-imposing sanctions on Cuba will be one of the first steps taken in
office, US Senator Marco Rubio said during a discussion on his 2016
presidential bid.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Rubio, who announced his candidacy for the
President of the United States in April 2015, argued that the United
States does not have an opening to Cuba, but rather has “an opening to

The Grupo Gaesa is Cuba’s dominant company founded by the country’s
leader Raul Castro and currently run by his son-in-law, Colonel Luis
Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas.

In December 2014, US President Barack Obama announced his intention to
normalize US-Cuba relations. Obama argued the US embargo policy against
Cuba that existed since 1961 was outdated and did not work.

“I would re-impose sanctions that can only be lifted to reciprocal steps
on behalf of the Cubans,” Rubio said at the Council on foreign Relations
on Wednesday.

The momentous shift in policy opened the possibility of lifting travel,
financial transactions and communication restrictions between the United
States and Cuba.

Rubio argued if the Cuban government wants greater engagement with US
businesses, “then they will have to allow more democratic opening for
alternative groups in society.”

“If they want more telecommunications opening, then the Cuban government
will have to allow freedom of the press,” Rubio added.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a briefing on Tuesday
that the US government plans to have more talks with Cuban officials in
May 2015 in order to advance the normalization of relations between the
two countries.

Raul Castro announced on Tuesday that Cuba and the United States will
exchange ambassadors after May 29, 2015.

Source: US Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Would Re-Impose Sanctions
on Cuba / Sputnik International –

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