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Criminal Acts Cause Losses Of More Than Six Million Pesos In Public
Health / 14ymedio
Posted on July 17, 2015

14ymedio, Havana, 13 July 12015 — Amid reports that various state bodies
have reported to the standing committees of the National Assembly, the
powerful Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) is among those doing
so. According to the statement made by that entity on Monday, criminal
acts persist in the institutions of the Ministry of Public Health and
Communal Services.

Ileana Flores Izquierdo, head of the department of “Attention to the
Population” in the CGR, said the modus operandi of these illegalities
still includes bribes, inflated payrolls and padding the payroll with
no-shows. To these are added such irregularities as failure to record
invoices and vouchers for products without signatures, as well as the
diversion of resources for subsequent illegal sale.

The gap between the detection of one of these crimes and the analysis of
it or proceeding to eradicate it is still excessive: between six months
and one year, the official explained. Economic losses resulting from
these illegal acts amount so far this year to 6,266,893 Cuban pesos.

The deputies participating the in committee of Health and Sports agreed
that such events occur because the management of the health care
entities are lax and undemanding.

Teresa Perez Morales, deputy for the town of Bejucal, noted that, “The
cadres should end the favoritism and cronyism to solve the problems.”
For this deputy, “There will cease to be political myopia when we
urgently focus on eradicating these problems.”

The area of communal services continues to have the largest number of
criminal acts that have not been resolved.

Source: Criminal Acts Cause Losses Of More Than Six Million Pesos In
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