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HavanaAir Charters and Eastern Air Lines To Start Weekly Air Service to
Cuba From Houston International Airport

MIAMI, July 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Miami based HavanaAir Charters
continues its expansion into the Cuba market with their direct air
carrier partner Eastern Air Lines Group, Inc. HavanaAir will begin
weekly, direct service from Houston International Airport to Havana,
Cuba giving U.S. West Coast gateway cities a more convenient and faster
route to Cuba. HavanaAir is one of the largest providers of passenger
traffic to the island, currently operating some 65 flights a month to
Havana from Miami with additional service to Santa Clara and Camaguey.

HavanaAir utilizes Eastern Air Lines Boeing 737-800 (Next Generation)
aircraft, on the weekly flights, which will operate on Wednesdays
starting in August.

“We are very pleased to open the Houston to Cuba market with our valued
partner, Eastern Air Lines. HavanaAir has strived to extend the utmost
in customer services to the island, and our partnership with Eastern has
proven to provide an entirely new level of service to Cuba with their
Next Generation Boeing aircraft, truly professional crew and support
staff,” said Mark Elias, President and COO of HavanaAir Charters.

“We are once again excited to partner with HavanaAir on their new
service from Houston, and we look forward to launching these new flights
from the Houston gateway to complement the existing multiple daily Miami
services now provided by Eastern Air Lines,” said Ed Wegel, President &
CEO of Eastern.

Key Facts:

1. HavanaAir will operate, with Eastern, weekly on Wednesdays, from
Houston to Havana
2. HavanaAir operates twice daily service to Havana and weekly service
to Camaguey and Santa Clara, from Miami.
3. HavanaAir’s operations are supported by Eastern Air Lines 737-800
(Next Generation) aircraft, supporting some 65+ flights to Cuba monthly.

HavanaAir is a licensed 14 CFR 380 Airline Charter Operator and holds
OFAC CSP License # CU-2013-305073-2

Source: HavanaAir Charters and Eastern Air Lines To Start Weekly Air
Service to Cuba… — MIAMI, July 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — –

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