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New Jersey Officials Want To Halt Travel To Cuba Until Assata Shakur Is
National Richy Rosario | February 23, 2016 – 4:38 pm

The State Troopers Fraternal Organization of New Jersey aims to stop
flights to Cuba until Assata Shakur is returned home. Shakur was a
member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Party.
Essentially, she became a part of the Black Power movement during the
time Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.

Turns out, in 1973, Shakur was arrested during a traffic stop at a New
Jersey Turnpike. After that, a shoot out left Shakur wounded and the
driver of the vehicle Zayd Shakur, dead. A state trooper was also left
dead because of the shooting, which ultimately, Assata was blamed for.
In 1977, she was convicted of first degree murder but later fled to Cuba
in 1979. Soon after that, she was granted asylum by Fidel Castro.

“We strongly oppose any request or approval of United Airlines or any
other airline a permit to NJ Port Authority airports to fly back and
forth to a country such as Cuba, that has openly slapped all Americans
in the face with their policy of keeping U.S. fugitives away and safe
from the reach of U.S. justice,” Christopher Burgos, the president of
the organization, wrote in a Feb. 17 letter.

It’s suffice to say, however, that The White House has also been looking
into the matters of fugitives in Cuba, discussing what will the
government’s next move. But still, that all depends on the Cuban
government, which in 2015 a representative of it, Gustavo Machin, said
it was “off the table,” according to Yahoo News.

Source: New Jersey Officials Want To Halt Travel To Cuba Until Assata
Shakur Is Returned –

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