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Who Is Gregory Elias? 6 Things To Know About Lawyer Who Paid Rolling
Stones Cuba Concert
Geplaatst op 31 maart 2016 door redactie curacao
By Natalie Rotterman

Fans wait for the free outdoor concert by the Rolling Stones at Ciudad
Deportiva de la Habana sports complex in Havana | REUTERS/Alexandre
Last month, thousands of Cubans got the exciting news that a free
Rolling Stones concert had been confirmed, but not many people knew this
was thanks to Gregory Elias, a successful lawyer from Curacao.

On March 25, almost 700,000 people gathered at Havana’s Ciudad
Deportiva, plus approximately 450,000 in its perimeters for a free
outdoor concert, that lasted more than two hours. The British band
opened with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and ended with the smash hit
“Satisfaction,” which had the crowd cheering and jumping for the
familiar song.

This was frontman Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards, drummer Charlie
Watts and guitarist Ronnie Wood’s first-ever concert in the island since
the band formed in 1962.

But who exactly is this man Elias, who reportedly paid over $7MM (which
he didn’t confirm) for the big event to happen? Here’s what we know:

He is a corporate lawyer from Curacao, who decided to contact the
Rolling Stones manager, Jayne Smyth, last November 13 to suggest the
concert, for which he’d cover the costs.
He paid for the concert through his foundation, Bon Intenshon, which is
committed to social betterment in Curacao (and other countries) through
music, sports, and arts projects with a focus on youth.
Elias is a humble man, who simply could not believe that Smyth had
called him back in the next 24 hours of his call. “I mean, for God’s
sake! I am no one!” he exclaimed. “I never thought she’d call me back.”
He has a passion for rock, and rock festivals. Elias was already
searching for cultural exchanges to help the Island reopen to the world,
and that’s when the idea of contacting the Stones came to mind.
He didn’t really know what was getting into. “Smyth informed me that
when ‘the boys’ (as she referred to them) went on tour, ‘they only want
the best, and it has to be better than everything else.’” “That meant
flying everything from equipment to bottles of water from abroad.”
He doesn’t like talking about money. When reporters asked about the
financial details that went into the big event, Elias responded, “Please
keep your indecent questions to yourselves,” before he burst out
laughing. “Let’s just say it was not cheap.”

Source: LatinTimes | Who Is Gregory Elias? 6 Things To Know About Lawyer
Who Paid Rolling Stones Cuba Concert | Knipselkrant Curacao –

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