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Garcia-Margallo calls for Spain to play leadership role in EU-Cuba dialogue
Published May 14, 2016 EFE

Spain’s acting foreign minister said here Saturday that Spain “needs to
play a leadership role” in negotiations between the European Union and
Cuba stemming from an agreement to normalize relations.

“Spain is looking to accompany the rapprochement process between Cuba
and the European Union. The agreement between the EU and Cuba has just
been signed. Now the dialogue between the two sides continues and Spain
must play a leadership role in that negotiation,” Jose Manuel
Garcia-Margallo told members of the Spanish media.

Spain’s top diplomat stressed that his nation’s role in the Caribbean
island’s current scenario “is what it’s always been: very close
bilateral relations and a certain leadership mission in the European
Union for obvious historical, cultural and affinity reasons.”

“A long time ago, the pope (John Paul II) said the world was opening to
Cuba and Cuba was opening to the world. And little by little we’re
seeing that that opening is occurring,” he added.

Garcia-Margallo arrived Friday night in Cuba for his second official
visit to the island and will begin the official portion of his trip on
Monday when he meets with his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez, and
other ministers.

Negotiations for the new accord, signed in March, began in 2014 and were
aimed at normalizing a relationship constrained since 1996 by the EU’s
so-called Common Position, which made improved ties between the bloc and
Havana contingent on democratization and respect for human rights on the
Communist-ruled island.

The agreement still must be ratified by the European Parliament.


Source: Garcia-Margallo calls for Spain to play leadership role in
EU-Cuba dialogue | Fox News Latino –

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