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Daily Archives: June 2, 2016

A Cuban dissident able to travel for the first time praises new U.S.
ties and warns of hazards
Tracy Wilkinson

Fast-talking and often harassed, Cuban political dissident Jose Daniel
Ferrer could hold himself up as Exhibit A in the improving… Continue reading

Study finds low brand awareness among Cubans — but they do know Adidas

Fidel Castro’s taste for Adidas tracksuits makes Adidas the most
recognizable brand in Cuba
Boston Consulting Group also finds Cuban purchasing power higher than
Opportunities for… Continue reading

Cuba Opens to Outsiders, and Consumer Goods Companies Recognize an

As Cuba Liberalizes Its Economy and the US Eases Trade and Travel
Restrictions, Consumer Goods Companies Are Intrigued; A BCG Report
Identifies the Country’s Promising Demographic Segments and Highlights… Continue reading

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