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Daily Archives: July 13, 2016

PDVSA: Refinería cubano-venezolana en Cienfuegos cerrará parcialmente
AGENCIAS | La Habana | 13 de Julio de 2016 – 14:47 CEST.

Una refinería cubano venezolana, que procesa un máximo de 65.000
barriles diarios de crudo (bpd), cerrará parcialmente durante 120 días… Continue reading

Study: Cubans don’t make much, but it’s more than state salaries indicate

A new survey shows that 54 percent of Cubans earn $50 to $200 monthly
The average official salary is $25 a month
Low salaries offset by free healthcare,… Continue reading

Coffee: Relations with the US have revealed to the Cuban people the
roots of the drop in productivity
DIMAS CASTELLANOS | La Habana | 13 de Julio de 2016 – 09:32 CEST.

The statement issued in May of 2016 by… Continue reading

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