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Daily Archives: July 14, 2016

Raúl Castro pone al vicepresidente Cabrisas al frente de la economía de Cuba

Marino Murillo, considerado el “zar de las reformas” cubanas, trabajará
en la “actualización del modelo económico y social cubano”.
El Consejo de Estado de Cuba, a… Continue reading

Connected Cuba Is Pipedream for U.S. TelecomsL
By Lydia Beyoud and Lenore Adkins

July 13 — The normalization of U.S. relations with Cuba has stirred
interest among tech and telecommunications companies such as Alphabet
Inc.’s Google and Verizon Inc. seeking… Continue reading

Cuban Economy Minister Marino Murillo is sacked
From the section Latin America & Caribbean

The Cuban economy minister has been removed from his post following
President Raul Castro’s warning last week that people would have to
tighten their belts amid… Continue reading

Have U.S. property claims in Cuba been forgotten in normalization rush?

About 6,000 Americans hold certified claims against Cuban government for
Claims, valued today at as much as $8 billion, are U.S. government’s
responsibility to settle
With normalization surging… Continue reading

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