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“Work is rewarded according to its quality and quantity” / Cuban Law

Cuban Law Association, Egar Luis Arozarena Gómez, 10 October 2016 — This
article’s title is taken from Art. 45 of our Constitution, which is a
clear reflection of the socialist principle “from each according to his
ability, to each according to his work.”

For work reasons I visited a production centre, concerned with exporting
Cuban products, and I couldn’t help noting that in just one month more
than 70 workers went off sick. Why? Low salaries, and union discontent
with the payment system introduced by the company management.

How is it possible that there are such problems in a sector like this,
which is so important to the economy? Men and women working 12 hour
shifts, covered in grease, dust, working outside in sun, rain, heat and
cold, not being paid a reasonable salary for what they are doing?

In different speeches and out of the mouth of one of our leaders I have
heard the call to the workers to produce more. We have to produce more,
because it is the only way to satisfy the basic needs of Cuban society,
but I don’t agree with the working class being urged to produce more,
without motivating them. I am not talking about paying people who are
not producing, but paying people in accordance with the work they are
doing, because it is painful to see the conditions in which most of our
workers have to work, and the quality of the snacks and lunches they

People like me, who were born and brought up in the countryside and have
a family member or friend who cuts cane, operates farm machinery, or who
works in the sugar industry, live with these conditions every day and it
affects us closely.

It is time to put in place the well-known “inverted pyramid” and pay
attention to our “Supreme Law,” as José Martí always wanted, in the
interests of an ever more just Cuban society

Translated by GH

Source: “Work is rewarded according to its quality and quantity” / Cuban
Law Association – Translating Cuba –

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