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Cuba to provide medical services to patients in China
November 05, 2016 10:12

Havana – Companies of Cuba and China signed Friday in Havana a letter of
intent that will seek to bring about sending patients to receive
treatment in Cuba and sending Cuban doctors to work in hospitals in
China, official media reported.

The Marketer of Cuban Medical Services (SMC) and Chinese tourism company
Gujin reached the agreement during the final day of the XXXIV
International Fair of Havana (FIHAV) which presented new Cuban exports
including various goods and services.

The president of the Chinese company, Shi Hongming, said China will be
able to learn more about the strength of the health system of the island
and enjoy the medical advances and products of Cuban biotechnology
including the drug Heberprot-P, for advanced diabetic foot ulcers, and
the CIMAVAX-EGF vaccine for lung cancer.

The vice president of SMC, Yamila de Armas, said the organization
currently offers 250 health programs for foreign patients traveling to
the island and its product portfolio is supported by seven modes of
business, which are dominated by medical services, welfare and research.

He explained that the marketing of the Ministry of Public Health
(MINSAP) has branches in almost all provinces, 14 international clinics,
122 medical offices in hotels in the tourist areas, in addition to
contractual relations with 140 companies, agencies and tour operators
from 41 countries. SMC offers services to foreign visitors and residents
in Cuba and specializes in oncology, surgery, treatment of diabetes
using Heberprot-P, medical checkups and comprehensive care for elderly

The export of technical and professional services is the main source of
income for the island, worth an annual average of $6 billion.

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