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PlaneSense jets to fly to Cuba, Bermuda
Union Leader Correspondent

PORTSMOUTH — New Hampshire residents who participate in PlaneSense’s
fractional aircraft ownership program can now travel to Cuba and Bermuda.

“We have received many inquiries about travel to Cuba and Bermuda for
both business and leisure opportunities,” spokesman Matt Cookson said.

The Portsmouth company began planning for flights to Cuba after the
United States eased trade and travel restrictions that have been in
place for five decades. The first commercial flights to Cuba began in
August of 2016. PlaneSense completed its first flight to Cuba in December.

CEO George Antoniadis pointed out that owners can fly to Cuba from any
of the 20 airports in New Hampshire their planes can access.

“By offering flights to Cuba, our New Hampshire owners are not only able
to experience all that this wonderful country has to offer, but they can
enjoy travel that is dramatically simplified compared to commercial
flights,” Antoniadis said in a statement to the Union Leader.
“Passengers can depart from the airfield of their choice, thus avoiding
the delays of major airport hubs and, depending on certain conditions,
can fly direct.”

PlaneSense can land in seven Cuban airports, including those in the
country’s two largest cities, Santiago and Havana.

“Traveling to Cuba, visiting Old Havana, experiencing the lifestyle, the
music, the classic cars — it’s an extraordinary opportunity whether
you’re visiting for business or leisure. We’re so pleased to be one of
the first companies to offer this destination to our PlaneSense aircraft
share owners so they may experience Cuba’s beauty and authenticity at
this unique time in U.S. and Cuban history,” Antoniadis said in a news
release announcing Cuba and Bermuda as new destinations.

The trips to Bermuda have been made possible because the company’s fleet
was recently expanded to include several Nextant 400XTi jets in
preparation for the arrival of Pilatus PC-24 jets later this year.

Bermuda is an international center for financial services, a popular
vacation destination and will host the the America’s Cup race in May,
Cookson said.

Travel times to Cuba and Bermuda vary and are dependent on a number of
factors, Cookson said. Typically, a flight from South Florida to Havana
takes a little over an hour in the Pilatus PC-12 aircraft.

PlaneSense has been in operation since 1995 and manages the largest
civilian fleet of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft in the world.

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