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In a first, Cuba loses patience with Trump’s “ridiculous” statements
US president criticizes regime on Independence Day; Havana chides
Miami 22 MAY 2017 – 17:36 CEST

For the first time, the Cuban government has responded to US President
Donald Trump in an exasperated tone. On Saturday, when the island nation
was observing the anniversary of the creation of the Republic of Cuba on
May 20, 1902, the White House released a statement from Trump “to the
Cuban-American community and to the people of Cuba” stating that
historical figures such as the Cuban patriot José Martí “remind us that
cruel despotism cannot extinguish the flame of freedom in the hearts of

Cuba se crispa por primera vez con Trump y lo califica de “ridículo”
“The Cuban people deserve a government that peacefully upholds
democratic values, economic liberties, religious freedoms, and human
rights, and my Administration is committed to achieving that vision,”
reads the statement.

Just hours later, Cuban television aired a reply that derided Trump’s
message as “ridiculous” and “ill-advised.” Cuban authorities criticized
“the contradictory, blundering statements by the
millionaire-magnate-turned-president on matters of foreign and domestic

This recent verbal scuffle could set the tone for a future relationship
defined by an ill-humored pragmatism

Up until now, the Raúl Castro administration had exercised
self-restraint in the face of Trump’s criticism. This verbal clash is
the first direct falling out between both countries since the new US
president took office, and it represents a harsh change of tone in
bilateral relations following the diplomatic normalization that began in
December 2014 under then-president Barack Obama.

Under Trump, who has spoken – both before and after his election victory
– of the possibility of backtracking on his predecessor’s overtures to
Cuba if Havana did not respect civil liberties, bilateral relations have
entered a period of unease until the White House defines its Cuba policy.

Cuban-American political power, which remains loyal to Miami exiles’
traditional demands for Washington to be tough on Havana, is pressuring
the president in this direction, although his administration is not
expected to go much further than verbal political denunciation and the
odd minor corrective measure. This is because half of all Cuban-American
voters support a normalization of relations, and because there is
significant US business interest in continuing with the thaw.

This recent verbal scuffle could set the tone for a future relationship
defined by an ill-humored pragmatism under which both governments would
direct barbs at one another but make no politically significant moves –
or it could herald a regression to the days of open hostility that could
eventually have real political repercussions.

English version by Susana Urra.

Source: Cuban thaw: In a first, Cuba loses patience with Trump’s
“ridiculous” statements | In English | EL PAÍS –

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